Meanwhile, back at Pipsqueak Paddocks...

Terse? I can be terse. 

We were down to three, can you believe it?  It didn't last long, but it was interesting.  LOL

Puzzle and Glory were adopted together and so we just had Basil, Thor and Mulligan here at our main facility and Cinnamon just across the river.  However, we knew that more would be on the way, so Basil is now back at his awesome foster home with the amazing folks at Horse Play Your Way.  Sure enough, we've now got two new faces and more in the works.

I've been waiting to name one Sodapop for a very long time!  I finally got to!  He is the cutest little silver dapple pinto colt!  It turns out a real "Ponyboy" was not far behind in the form of a pure black shetland colt named Jasper.  They are both very striking boys.  Surgeries are tomorrow!

Look, you got a little stabbed the other day. That's bound to make anyone a bit ornery. 

Well, after waiting for many, many months in order to lose 100 pounds, Basil finally had his surgery today.  Unfortunately, it was inconclusive.  It seems that he is a bit of a mutant... just some strange anatomy going on.  Either he was already gelded and it was poorly done, or he is malformed and his testicles could not descend.  So, he will be treated as the stallion he acts like and a suitable home found for him.  He is now quite a sweet guy and very manageable, thanks to the fine folks at Horseplay Your Way who fostered him and trained him up for us.  He has overcome the bulk of his fears and is now generally polite and cooperative.  We couldn't be happier with his progress!

The new buckskin was named "Ranger" and he is already adopted and gone to his new home.  He just needed his gelding surgery and was quickly spoken for by a wonderful driving home on our waiting list.

Puzzle and Glory are still hanging out here, happy as can be.  They are shedding like mad and helping to keep the local bird nests nice and cozy!  Thor will be returning to our main facility this coming week, since we have ample space now.  Cinnamon is up for adoption, amazingly enough, but will remain at his foster home for the time being as he needs softer footing than we have here.  He is running and bucking and doing so well... we are very surprised at how far his rehabilitation has taken him and are, of course, thrilled!  He is ready to find a permanent home.

It is very, very strange to only have five Minis to write about!  We have also been doing some other behind-the-scenes work with the SPCA that we can't publicize, so rest assured - we are still keeping very busy.  I'm sure it won't be long before we have another influx of Minis needing our help.  Thank you all for your continued support.

No power in the 'verse can stop us. 

Well.  We went from 21 to 5 Minis in short order.  Now we're heading back up again.  Our newest arrival is a very handsome buckskin who needs a name.  We're running a poll so that everyone can vote.  The name suggestions were from the class of kids who did a big fundraiser a little while ago - very cool!

Puzzle and Glory are still hanging out, but November and BamBam have been adopted.  Our dear Echo has been adopted as well, with a year of good health under his belt!

So, that leaves Thor and Cinnamon in their foster homes and Basil who has returned to the main facility here for his surgery.  He acts like a stallion and has tested as likely, so we're going to have one shot at a crypt surgery to see what's going on in there.  He has lost a ton of weight, so he is ready now and will have the surgery sometime this month.

Here is our new guy who will have a name very soon.  He had his gelding surgery yesterday and is doing very well.

You might wanna look to that. 

Wow!  It's mid-March!

We had quite the day today.  Gallant, True, Justice and Banjo went to their new home!  All four boys just hopped right into the trailer and said, "Well, where are we going?"  They are going to do just fine!

Nico was adopted as well.  He had gone down the street to hang out with Pirate while we were so full.  It turns out that the pair of them are just perfect together and so Nico became a permanent addition!  I swear I don't plan these things!  LOL

CJ went to his new home and he's doing just great as well.

November, Glory and Puzzle are all still up for adoption, but there are people coming to meet them next weekend, so fingers crossed!

Take a look at this photo of Glory.  Remember back in November when she could barely walk?!

Leo and LeRoy are on the brink of going to their new home, so we're excited for them for that!

Thor, Echo, Cinnamon and Basil are doing great in their foster homes.  Basil will be returning to us this week to see if he's ready for his gelding surgery yet.  I'm really hoping he's lost enough weight!

BamBam is officially up for adoption as of this moment.  He is quite the character and I'm sure it won't be long until he finds a family.

You're coming through good and loud... Cause I'm standing right here. 

Hi folks!

I do apologize for the big gap in entries.  Hovering around nearly 20 Minis really keeps me quite busy!  I don't have a lot of energy left over for typing about Minis after dealing with them in person all day.  LOL  However, I've taken up Birding and actually feel quite refreshed now.  It's good to do something that has nothing to do with horses sometimes and so now I feel more balanced.  

So... let's see what has been going on since January!  Nico and CJ are now all up to date on everything.  CJ has an adoption pending and Nico is now listed as available.  Valiant has been adopted!  Gallant, True and Brave were finally strong enough to be gelded a couple of days ago.  They are all doing well.  Gallant had his teeth done as well.  His weren't bad enough to warrant the sedation earlier on.  Now they just need their booster shots and they'll be ready to go.  Gallant, True, Justice and Banjo are all going to the same home in mid-March once the boys are all healed up.  Brave will also be heading home once he's healed.

November came back to us and she is hanging out with Glory and Puzzle.  All three girls are up for adoption.

The foster horses are all doing great.  Leo and LeRoy have a home waiting for them in March.  Thor, Echo, Whiskey, Cinnamon and Basil are hanging out and doing their thing.  Basil will likely return in late March or April for his gelding surgery.  Hopefully he'll have lost enough weight!

We also have a new arrival!  Valiant vacated and BamBam took over his spot the same day.  He was gelded as well this week and is doing just fine.  BamBam is an adorable Silver Bay, just a little guy.  I'm sure it won't be long before he steals someone's heart.