Meanwhile, back at Pipsqueak Paddocks...

... and when you can't do that... 

Well, it's time for a little update.  River is still making progress with her "taming".  LOL  She is lucky she's so darn cute!  ZigZag is doing very well, last I heard, at his foster home.  I do hope he'll be all healed up and ready to go early next year.  Bo and Chocolate, Paladin and Bolt all have adoptions pending!  Peaches and her foal also have adoptions pending, but she's still staying put to foal out.  Dart is turning out to be a savvy and fun little fellow!  I'm sure someone will fall in love with him very soon!  Epona is adopted and gone to her new home!

We also had two new arrivals last night.  Archer and Mindy.  Archer is doing alright, settling in, but Mindy has come to us too late.  Due to years of chronic founder and neglect, the decision was made with our vet, to let her go.  Even though we only knew her for a day, it is still so devastating to have to make that decision.  She really was a sweet, sweet mare.  

Mighty fine shindig... 

We're at the Mane Event this weekend and having a blast so far.  It's great to catch up with previous adopters and supporters and make some new connections as well.  Be sure to stop in and say HI if you're in the neighbourhood!

River is still doing well and progressing steadily.  ZigZag is still at his foster home, but Basil is now adopted!  Bo and Chocolate are back here at the main facility and are taking turns in our booth this weekend, being all adorable and such!

Hero and Arrow have both been adopted as well as Hijinx, the new guy!  

Peaches, Paladin, Bolt, Dart and Epona are still hanging out here and doing well.  Epona is now up for adoption.  Paladin, Dart and Bolt will soon be ready to go as well.

That'll be an interesting day. 

Ooooookay.  Here we go - it's catch up time again!  

River is doing very well.  She really does want to be friends and is responding well to the two handlers that are trying to get closer to her.  Today I needed to move her to a different pen and she came right up to me and let me rub her face.  I felt kind of bad when I had to cut that short and move her along, but the vet was waiting.  However, she moved calmly to the next pen in response to my clucking and body language, no panic whatsoever.  That was a lovely change.

Raven is adopted!  We had been planning to keep her here until she foaled out, but a great opportunity came up for her.  There was a family who had been waiting for over a year for a pregnant Mini to arrive here.  They really want to have a foal, but are responsible enough to not create one in their backyard.  They knew that the perfect Mini, who needed them, would show up eventually.  They are fully capable of foaling her out - so away she went.  They are just in love with her already.

Tutanka is adopted as well.  He's gone to a great home to be a little buddy for a lonely horse.

ZigZag, Bo and Chocolate, and Basil are doing well at their foster homes.  We had to move Bo and Chocolate out to help make room for our now eight new arrivals!

So - eight!  We picked up six in one day.  Hero, Paladin, Peaches, Arrow, Bolt and Dart.  Then, a week later we added Epona and then a week later came Hijinx.

Hero and Paladin were gelded.  Peaches was confirmed in foal.  (She will definitely be staying with us until she foals out in the spring.)  Peaches and Paladin also had their teeth done and their shot.  Hero was too young to need his teeth done.  Arrow, Bolt and Dart (weanlings) were too sick to have anything done at first, but all six had their feet done.  Then Epona came.  Then we moved Hero to a foster home because then Hijinx came.  Today we gelded the three weanlings, who are feeling much better, as well as Hijinx.  They all four had their shot and Hijinx had his teeth done.  Epona is already up to date on everything!  Now the new two just need their feet done and we'll be all caught up.  Wow... a crazy couple of weeks squeezed into one paragraph!  LOL

Here's the one shot I have so far of Hijinx... he's been too busy in his first 24 hours to pose for a photoshoot!


Take me where I cannot stand... 

Well... that was an interesting morning.  River has been here for over a month and is proving our most challenging Mini yet to tame.  We know nothing about her history, but she seems basically wild.  She is curious and interested in us, but will not suffer to be handled in any way, shape or form.  She is one of those 1 out of 100 that will run right through you if she's cornered.  Fight or flight to the max.  So - today was our second attempt at a vet visit for her.  I pre-drugged her prior to the vet's arrival this time, to take the edge off.  I offered her handfuls of grain, over the fence so that she'd be confident enough to take it, and managed to slip a tube of gel under her tongue.  That enabled me to corner her and halter her without too much fuss.  The vet then punched in some more sedative intra-muscularly, to bring her down another notch.  We could then get some IV drugs into her.  However - it was definitely a challenge still!  She had quite a variety of drugs in her, at rather high doses, by the time we could attempt to do the work that was needed.  

In the past, we've had a few Minis who required horse-sized doses and even up to three times a large horse dose.  The next step up for River would have been an actual wild animal tranq!  She should have been flat out, but was actually still nickering and keeping her head up.  She just felt that she had to take care of herself and could not let it go.  A very determined spirit!

Finally though, we talked her down and she allowed us to do the dental work she required as well as an ultrasound to check if she was pregnant.  Seeing as her buddy Raven was confirmed in foal today, it was important to know if River was as well.  Luckily - she is NOT in foal!  Now, she is up to date on teeth, vaccinations and worming - a morning well spent!

So, Raven will be staying with us through the winter and I'll be setting up the MareStare cam next year so that everyone can help us on foal watch again!  Though we will of course love having a foal around, it is still bittersweet.  There are so many Minis out there who need good homes.  It always boggles my mind when folks decide to breed a mare period, let alone breed a mare and then dump her.

In other news... Maggie and Twila were indeed both adopted.  As was Pistol!  All three are already much-loved!

Tutanka is now back here at our main facility, keeping River and Raven on their toes.  ZigZag has taken his place being fostered at Deb's.  She has a lot of experience dealing with digestive issues, so we are hoping that she can straighten him out.  She suspects ulcers at this point.

Bo and Chocolate are still here, just waiting for a great home that wants a sweet pair of boys.  Basil is hanging out at Horseplay Your Way and loving it.  I am so grateful to have these awesome foster homes to call on!

Wheel never stops turnin'... 

Wow!  Can you tell that I had a really busy summer?  LOL  

Let's get caught up, shall we?

Basil is still hanging out with Natalie and the gang at Horseplay Your Way.  He fits right in there, but would still like to have a home to call his own.

Sodapop and Jasper were quickly adopted after their surgeries.  Sodapop is now hanging out with Ranger.

Cinnamon found the perfect home as well, where he is much loved by a terrific family!

Thor was adopted along with Duke and Duchess who returned to us briefly.  They are all three doing great up country.

We had Salsa, the mini-mule arrive.  She was strange and wonderful and very swiftly adopted!

Then Toni and Moonshadow came to us.  They were just little dolls and Moon quickly found a little girl of her very own.  Toni was just adopted last week and now has her perfect set-up as well.

Maggie and Twila were next to arrive.  They are still with us, but have some strong interest.  Here's hopin'!

Oh, somewhere in there was Patches and Tutanka too!  Patches found a lovely home and Tutanka is up for adoption as of tonight!  He's over at Deb's, learning to be a real horse with the boys there.

A couple of weeks ago now we had a late-night rescue run and picked up River and Raven.  River is not halter-broke and still very nervous of us, but she is friendly and willing to give it a go.  Hopefully she'll come around nicely and swiftly as we need to get her feet trimmed up!  Raven is quite sweet and easy to handle.

Then yesterday we had a trio surrendered.  Pistol, Bo and Chocolate are all nice boys who just need a touch of TLC before they'll be ready to go!

There... that's the summer in a few sentences!  Phewf!  

Here's a photo of River and Raven.