Meanwhile, back at Pipsqueak Paddocks...

No power in the 'verse can stop us. 

Well.  We went from 21 to 5 Minis in short order.  Now we're heading back up again.  Our newest arrival is a very handsome buckskin who needs a name.  We're running a poll so that everyone can vote.  The name suggestions were from the class of kids who did a big fundraiser a little while ago - very cool!

Puzzle and Glory are still hanging out, but November and BamBam have been adopted.  Our dear Echo has been adopted as well, with a year of good health under his belt!

So, that leaves Thor and Cinnamon in their foster homes and Basil who has returned to the main facility here for his surgery.  He acts like a stallion and has tested as likely, so we're going to have one shot at a crypt surgery to see what's going on in there.  He has lost a ton of weight, so he is ready now and will have the surgery sometime this month.

Here is our new guy who will have a name very soon.  He had his gelding surgery yesterday and is doing very well.

You might wanna look to that. 

Wow!  It's mid-March!

We had quite the day today.  Gallant, True, Justice and Banjo went to their new home!  All four boys just hopped right into the trailer and said, "Well, where are we going?"  They are going to do just fine!

Nico was adopted as well.  He had gone down the street to hang out with Pirate while we were so full.  It turns out that the pair of them are just perfect together and so Nico became a permanent addition!  I swear I don't plan these things!  LOL

CJ went to his new home and he's doing just great as well.

November, Glory and Puzzle are all still up for adoption, but there are people coming to meet them next weekend, so fingers crossed!

Take a look at this photo of Glory.  Remember back in November when she could barely walk?!

Leo and LeRoy are on the brink of going to their new home, so we're excited for them for that!

Thor, Echo, Cinnamon and Basil are doing great in their foster homes.  Basil will be returning to us this week to see if he's ready for his gelding surgery yet.  I'm really hoping he's lost enough weight!

BamBam is officially up for adoption as of this moment.  He is quite the character and I'm sure it won't be long until he finds a family.

You're coming through good and loud... Cause I'm standing right here. 

Hi folks!

I do apologize for the big gap in entries.  Hovering around nearly 20 Minis really keeps me quite busy!  I don't have a lot of energy left over for typing about Minis after dealing with them in person all day.  LOL  However, I've taken up Birding and actually feel quite refreshed now.  It's good to do something that has nothing to do with horses sometimes and so now I feel more balanced.  

So... let's see what has been going on since January!  Nico and CJ are now all up to date on everything.  CJ has an adoption pending and Nico is now listed as available.  Valiant has been adopted!  Gallant, True and Brave were finally strong enough to be gelded a couple of days ago.  They are all doing well.  Gallant had his teeth done as well.  His weren't bad enough to warrant the sedation earlier on.  Now they just need their booster shots and they'll be ready to go.  Gallant, True, Justice and Banjo are all going to the same home in mid-March once the boys are all healed up.  Brave will also be heading home once he's healed.

November came back to us and she is hanging out with Glory and Puzzle.  All three girls are up for adoption.

The foster horses are all doing great.  Leo and LeRoy have a home waiting for them in March.  Thor, Echo, Whiskey, Cinnamon and Basil are hanging out and doing their thing.  Basil will likely return in late March or April for his gelding surgery.  Hopefully he'll have lost enough weight!

We also have a new arrival!  Valiant vacated and BamBam took over his spot the same day.  He was gelded as well this week and is doing just fine.  BamBam is an adorable Silver Bay, just a little guy.  I'm sure it won't be long before he steals someone's heart.

Don't make no sense. 

Well, 2014 has been a roller-coaster ride so far.  We lost a Mini, found a Mini, had one adopted and took in two more.

So, the sad news first.  Our dear little Clover was put down.  It was the best decision for her, but it was a very hard thing to do.  I don't think that I'll ever get used to it... actually, I hope that I never get used to it.  Heart-wrenching and gut-wrenching... the decision to end a life should never come easy.  I made sure that Clover had a great last day, with grass and cookies and everything a horse loves.  

So, being so upset, it was a very emotional discovery when the next thing happened.  I'll give you the back story first.  The last Mini we adopted out, before we went official in 2009, was Ivy.  Something happened with her family, as they very suddenly dropped out of contact and we never heard from them again.  We were left to wonder what had become of Ivy - the only Mini we've lost touch with as of yet.  Well, I was contacted by a lovely family with two little girls.  One of them wanted to have donations for Pipsqueak Paddocks rather than birthday presents and they wanted to come and meet the Minis.  Well, they were looking on our website, doing more research, when they made a discovery!  Their own little Mini, Lilliput, was on our website!  It was Ivy!  So, it is wonderful to know that Ivy ended up in such a wonderful, caring home!

Then, the lovely Mystery met her family and they took her home to Texada.  She has a driving match there named Frank, and you're going to love the photos of the pair of them together in the future!  LOL  

And finally, an hour ago, we had two new arrivals!  Nico and CJ just need to be brought up to date on a few things.  They are nice looking boys and I'm looking forward to working with them.

So, that is our first few days of 2014, pretty much covering the entire range.  But, you ask, what all happened at the end of 2013?  Well...

Brave is still making great progress.  Playing, running and allowing us closer and closer.  He's gained enough weight to have a tetanus shot, so that will be scheduled this week.  Gallant and True are ready for their first shots as well.  I saw True trot for the first time, though he still spends most of his time eating.  Gallant is starting to approach people on his own now, which is wonderful to see.  Justice is healing well from his surgery.  All three boys, plus Banjo, are now "adoption pending" all together to a wonderful family.  They won't be able to go home until all the surgeries are done though, so likely sometime in March.

Valiant and Glory are now up for adoption.  Valiant gets to play with Justice each day, but has to have his meals separately as the skinny guys get way more food!  Glory is now with Puzzle since Mystery left.  That was hard on Puzzle, as she was boss mare and now her whole herd is gone, but now she's happy to have Glory as her replacement herd.  Glory had not shown any interest in making friends until now, but the two are getting along great, so I'm very happy that we tried it.

Cypher was adopted by his foster family on Christmas eve!  He is much loved there.

The dry, cold air these days is working wonders for Echo.  He is doing really well with no nasal issues lately.  Whiskey, Thor, Cinnamon, Leo and LeRoy, and Basil are all trucking along too.  Leo and LeRoy should be up for adoption pretty quick.

So, Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you for your support in 2013 and we're looking forward to some milestones (like our 200th Mini) in 2014!  We could not do it without you!


...two by two... 

Well, we are working through all of the rehab issues with the Minis.  With a record 21 Minis in our care, it's been a busy time.  Happily though, Little, Whisper and Hush have all been adopted, so we are down to 18!

If you would like to see a video about the first steps of rehab with Brave, Gallant, True, Valiant, Justice and Glory, just go to YouTube here:  WARNING though - there are needles and whatnot!  :)

Specifics though?  Here we go...

Brave: is really coming around!  He has energy and plays with toys and other horses.  He is actually taking an active interest in humans, in a positive way!  Take a look at this video, where he reaches out to Kristie for the first time:

True: head down and eating - all day and all night!
Gallant: eat and eats, but will play with Justice when he bugs him.
Justice: is a pain (which is GREAT) and so he's healthy enough to geld this week!

Valiant: all healed up and ready to go up for adoption as of this Thursday when he'll get his booster shot!

Glory: slowly coming around.  She will have xrays this Thursday to rule out rotation as her feet continue to heal.

Mystery and Puzzle: really sweet, silly and ready to go!

Clover: still a concern.  She will have xrays this Thursday as well to check her rotation for comparison.  

Cypher: doing well in foster care with interest in it turning into a permanent home!

Echo.  Echo is starting to struggle with infection again.  Though I have tried to stay positive about him, I have always been concerned about relapse, which is why I never put him up for adoption.  The vet, his foster mom and I are keeping a close eye on his progression.  So far, he is happy and pain free.  It is hard to hold onto hope for a complete recovery in this case though, I just thought you should know.

Banjo, Whiskey, Thor, Cinnamon, Leo and LeRoy, Basil: all are doing well at their foster homes.  Playing, hanging out, chilling out, recovering, gaining weight and losing weight respectively.  LOL  All are in great environments where they are engaged and active.  Here is Whiskey's Christmas photo, the dear old bear...